Public Service Degrees

Online Public Service Degrees from an Accredited Leader in Adult Education

Excelsior College School of Public Service offers degrees in criminal justice and military studies designed to help leaders prepare for careers in criminal justice, government, not-for-profit management, public administration, and the military.

Our online public service degrees combine high-quality academics with a flexible model designed specifically for working adults.

A national leader in adult education and one of America's leading accredited online schools, Excelsior empowers working adults to earn degrees quickly and affordably, with minimal disruption to work and family responsibilities.

Public service degrees develop skills that have real value in the job market: communication, critical thinking, and creative problem-solving. In Excelsior's online public service degree programs, you'll improve your ability to:

  • Apply knowledge and skills in real-world settings.
  • Use intellectual and practical skills for teamwork, decision making, and innovation.
  • Utilize concepts and development in science, technology, global issues.
  • Collaborate with others in diverse groups.

Use the links at left to find out how you can save time, money, and effort while earning an online degree from the Excelsior College School of Public Service.

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