Nuclear Technologies

Online Associate Degree from an Accredited Leader in Distance Learning

Nuclear technicians are needed in many growing industries, including medicine, energy, and telecommunications. You can compete for these jobs by earning an online Associate in Science in Technology (Nuclear Technologies).

Excelsior College provides a short, practical path to an associate technology degree, enabling you to graduate in less time, for less money, than it would take to complete a traditional nuclear technologies degree.

A national leader in education for working adults and military families for more than 40 years, Excelsior offers online nuclear technologies classes that fit conveniently into your schedule and budget. We’ll enable you to earn your associate technology degree while:

  • Balancing your education with work and family obligations.
  • Saving money through Excelsior’s affordable tuition and low student fees. (What will it cost? Find out here.)
  • Getting maximum transfer credit for your previous work from accredited colleges.
  • Completing the prerequisites for an Excelsior bachelor’s degree in technology.
  • Earning academic credit for many forms of job and military training—you’ll only take the courses you really need, and graduate in less time. (If you've got military college credits, see Excelsior's Associate in Science in Technical Studies with area of focus in Nuclear Technologies).

A Practical, Convenient Education in Nuclear Technologies

Excelsior College is accredited by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education. (Learn more about the MSCHE accreditation programs and specialized accreditations on our accreditation page.)

As an accredited college—rare for an online institution—Excelsior offers a high-quality education in nuclear technologies that meets the strictest academic standards. All our faculty are first-rate, with years of experience in the classroom and the nuclear technologies industry.

By specializing in nuclear technologies, you’ll gain practical knowledge and up-to-date training in areas such as:

  • Radiation protection, safety, and measurement
  • Electrical theory
  • Health physics

Excelsior’s associate technology degree feeds directly into our online bachelor’s programs in nuclear technologies. We were the first online college to host a student chapter of the American Nuclear Society.

61 credits: 30 in arts and sciences; 30 in the technology component to include at least 18 credits in the area of focus, plus a maximum of 12 credits in technical electives, including at least 3 credits to satisfy the computer applications requirement; and the 1 credit information literacy requirement. See the credit requirements in chart form.

We expect that as an Excelsior College Associate in Science in Technology graduate you will be able to:

  1. Demonstrate effective oral and written communication skills.
  2. Apply observation and measurement skills to develop quantitative expressions of natural science phenomena.
  3. Apply algebra, trigonometry, and higher order mathematics to solve technology related problems.
  4. Demonstrate introductory college-level proficiency in one or more of the social sciences.
  5. Demonstrate a comprehension of diverse cultural heritage, interpersonal relationships, the relationship between technology and society, and personal values to make intelligent and discerning judgments.
  6. Demonstrate a proficiency in computer applications used in technology areas.




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