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Credit for What You Know

Excelsior College awards academic credit for accredited college coursework you've already successfully completed. We also award credit for military and professional training, certifications, licenses, and exams.

Since we make the most of prior learning, we're hailed by our students as being the best choice for working adults.

Excelsior College is an accredited, nonprofit institution, respected for our innovative dedication to adult learners. With one of the most generous credit transfer policies, we are able to make the most of what you already know so you can concentrate on where you're headed. Learn more about the many ways to earn your remaining credits.

Prior Learning = Shorter Path to Graduation

What Sets Us Apart

At other schools, you may be asked to take a minimum of 30 credits, no matter what your educational or professional history. With Excelsior, there is no residency requirement or mandatory 30-credit minimum. In fact, after we make the most of what you've already done, you may only need to take a few courses or exams to earn your degree.

That's not all. Even if most of your credits are older, we have degree options that do not have time limits on credits. That means you could transfer in your credits, complete a 3-credit capstone course, and then graduate!

Another option to get college credit for what you already know is available through a Learning Portfolio Assessment. This flexible program allows you to document your prior learning from work and life experience.

Past Courses & Exams

What You've Already Taken

More of your previously-earned accredited course credits and exams can transfer than you may realize.

Preliminary Review
     Which credits will transfer.

     Like CLEP, DSST, AP-level.

Community College Credit
     Earn a bachelor's in less time.

Military Training

What You've Already Done

Military training you've completed, within any branch, could get you halfway to a degree.

Military Training
     Branch training & courses.

Military Partner Training
     Training credits for partners.

Certifications & Licenses

What You Already Know

Professional certifications and licenses can count as credit toward your degree.

IT Certifications

Nursing Certifications

Health Care Licenses

Nuclear Utility Training

Partner Employee Training

Will My Credits Transfer?

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Hear from recent graduates about their transfer credit experience!

Excelsior College's Transfer Students - "I didn't miss a step, Excelsior helped me to transition..."

Add It Up

We've had students transfer in up to 96% of the credits needed for their bachelor's.

Collectively, they transfer in more than 662,000 credits* a year.

Transferring more credits has saved our students millions of dollars, not to mention hours of time.



Excelsior College will review credits from degree-granting institutions, military and job training, professional certifications and licenses to determine if what credits will transfer and what we can award credit for. See the Student Policy Handbook (PDF) for details.

There are time limits in place for certain credits to ensure they meet present-day academic standards. However, we also have programs without time limits on credits. For adults with a lot of older credits, our Bachelor of Science in Liberal Arts is the perfect option as there are no time limits. You could transfer in 117 credits, complete a capstone and information literacy course, and then graduate.

Read guidelines for time limits for these programs


Yes. Visit our International Student page for details. Academic work completed at institutions outside the United States must be degree-level study undertaken at a university that has been officially recognized as degree or diploma-granting by the regulating agency for higher education in your home country. Your international transcript must be evaluated by an evaluation agency that is approved by Excelsior College and that specializes in the evaluation of such transcripts.

Visit our policy page Transferring Credit from Non-Regionally Accredited Schools for all the details.

*Average number of credits transferred in to Excelsior College 2007-2011 is 662,799.6.