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Start With More Credit


Transfer Credits for Past Courses

Transfer Credits

You can save on tuition and finish your program more quickly by transferring more credits from past coursework and college-level exams. Many students come to Excelsior specifically because of its generous transfer credit policies.

Transfer Your Course Credits

Check the transfer credit guidelines to see if you'll be able to apply credits you've already earned to your desired program of study.

To find out how many credits you may be able to transfer, talk with your admissions counselor about your background and goals. They'll let you know which online degree programs will make the most of your incoming credits.

More credits, no time limits

If you've earned a lot of college credit, or earned credit many years ago, Excelsior offers a bachelor's program that lets you transfer up to 117 credits, without time limits. This means you may be able to complete your degree with a 3-credit capstone and a 1-credit information literacy course. Speak with an admissions counselor to see if this degree path is a good fit for your incoming credits.

Credit for College-Level Exams

Transfer Your College Exam Credits

Excelsior accepts credit for many exams administered by military, educational, and certification agencies, in addition to offering UExcel credit by exam options.

If you've taken college-level exams not listed here, ask your admissions counselor if they're eligible to be evaluated for credit transfer.