Ever Upward

Will You Help Excelsior's Students Soar?

It seems as though Excelsior College alumni, like you, have something in common with the Wright brothers. You, like these pioneers of flight, achieved something great in the face of doubt. While Orville and Wilbur soared into the clouds, you soared to your college degree.

But let's be honest. The Wright brothers didn't just fly—they achieved a dream. It took persistence, ambition, and a will to succeed, the same qualities you exhibited as you pursued your dream of earning your Excelsior degree.

Excelsior was there for you. Will you ensure that Excelsior will be there for the next generation of exceptional students by making a gift to the 2015 Excelsior College Annual Campaign?

The goal of the Annual Campaign this year is $1M in scholarship aid for deserving Excelsior students. Your gift of $100, $50, $25, or other amount, will provide financial aid in the form of scholarships to eligible students hoping to pursue their dreams, too.

Gifts of all sizes help. And participation matters, too. We hope you will join other generous Excelsior alumni in helping today's students achieve dreams of their own by making your gift today.

If you have already made your gift to the 2014-15 Annual Campaign, thank you for your generosity!

Contact Information

Marcy Stryker
Director of Development

888-647-2388 ext. 145

Email: mstryker@excelsior.edu


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