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Excelsior Ever Up Days!

April 2017

We invite you to take part in a new movement we're creating among Excelsior, Regents, and USNY graduates nationwide. Through a one-time service experience, you'll have a chance to:

  • Make a difference close to home
  • Possibly meet other local alumni living in your area
  • Contribute to the total impact made by the College's graduates in April, Excelsior's charter month

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What is it?

Ever Up Days is a movement of USNY, Regents, and Excelsior alumni nationwide, wherein they will perform acts of service within their own communities. Individual service project will take place during the month of April to coincide with the College's charter day (April 9). We plan to make this an annual event.

Why are we doing it?

We know that community service is important to many of our graduates. Informally, we hear about the causes that incite their passion. We also have a notable list of alumni award recipients who demonstrate how service to the community is an important part of our alumni culture.

Who is eligible to participate?

Graduates of USNY, Regents, and Excelsior College. Family and friends want to join you? Bring them along, but please ask about age restrictions at your service site first.

What qualifies as service?

If it seems like a service experience, it likely is. It can be a regular gig or a one-time event. Think about what you're already doing…donating blood on a regular basis? That counts. Helping at your child's school? That counts, too. Participating in a service project at work? Yes! Here are a few more examples:

  • Walking dogs at an animal shelter
  • Sorting food at a pantry
  • Collecting food, clothing, pet supplies, or school supplies (at your place of employment or house of worship) to be donated to an organization in need
  • Cleaning up a park
  • Tending to a community garden
  • Making birthday bags for children in homeless shelters
  • Shelving books at the library
  • Delivering meals to shut ins

How can alumni participate?

In the spirit of flexibility, there are 3 ways alumni can add to the impact:

  • Lead a Project
    • Alumni who currently volunteer in their own communities, can recruit a group of alumni to join them;
    • Alumni who do not currently volunteer can identify opportunities within their communities, propose those opportunities to Alumni Affairs, and (if approved) recruit a group of alumni to join them in those projects.
  • Join a Project
    • Alumni interested in participating in a project can be connected with a Project Leader in their community, if one exists. If one does not exist, they will be encouraged to lead a project. If they don't want to lead a project, they have the option of volunteering on their own.
  • Volunteer on Your Own
    • Alumni who currently volunteer in their own communities can do so on their own during the month of April, report their activity to Alumni Affairs, and be counted toward the impact made during Ever Up Days.

STEP 1: Read the Alumni Volunteer Policy and Publicity Consent Form

STEP 2: Complete the Online Registration Form

STEP 3: If you want to LEAD a Project, read the Project Leader Responsibilities and then send an email to alumni@excelsior.edu with the following information:

  • Proposed project location (include organization name, address, city and state, if applicable)
  • Brief description of service work to be done
  • Date and time proposed
  • Approximate number of volunteers needed for this project
  • Age or ability restrictions for volunteers
  • If applicable, have you already contacted the proposed organization?

If your project is approved by the Office of Alumni Affairs, you will receive a list of alumni in your area to contact and invite to participate with you in this project.

STEP 4: Report the outcome of your service during the month of April to alumni@excelsior.edu so that it can be counted toward the overall impact of our alumni during Excelsior Ever Up Days

STEP 5 Optional: Alumni volunteers are encouraged to share our story on their social media pages using #Everupdays and #Excelsiorcares

Questions? Email Renee Kelly, Director of Alumni Affairs, at rkelly@excelsior.edu.

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