Alumni Profile

Marie A. Wrinn

Degree:   Bachelor of Science in nursing
Employed as:   Nurse, Tri City Hospice
Marie's Story

Marie A. Wrinn of Oceanside, California, has demonstrated excellent academic achievement as well as outstanding service to both her community and international charities. She has been volunteering her entire life, ranging from childhood activities in nursing homes and for March of Dimes fundraisers to using her nursing skills as an adult to help various causes. Ms. Wrinn earned her degree while facing a great deal of challenge in her own life. She works with hospice admissions, triage, and as a primary nurse for high acuity cases. Wrinn is also a volunteer at Resounding Joy, Inc., where she provides music therapy at a local assisted living facility.

Wrinn’s life “took a new turn,” as she describes it, when she visited a children’s hospice in South Africa, where she witnessed many orphans who were dying from AIDS. This experience inspired her to begin a new non-profit charity with a global focus called No Child Dies Alone, Inc., whose mission is to provide a bridge to span gaps in the provision of quality end-of-life care for children in developing countries by strengthening local programs through education and facility development. Her charity had humble beginnings, starting with a garage sale in October 2007, and since then, she has aimed the goals of her fledgling non-profit to provide educational workshops for caregivers and professionals involved with pediatric palliative care—advocating for resources. Wrinn designed and presented a workshop last year in Capetown, South Africa, entitled “Promoting Caregiver Wellness: We All Need It.” New projects currently being planned include training caregivers at a rural children’s home in Honduras and work with Eastern European and Southeast Asian children’s programs.