Make a Plan - Meet Your Goals

Use these categories to help make a plan and move forward to your goal:

Join a Professional Association

Find Professional Associations,
Locate national professional associations by occupation or industry served. 

American Society of Association Executives (ASAE)
Known as the association of associations, ASAE is considered the advocate of the nonprofit sector.

WEDDLE's Association Directory
Several thousand associations from around the world listed by their primary professional/occupational focus and/or industry of interest. Links to their Web sites provided.


Internship availablility by occupation, across the U.S. Vast listings. Also includes career related blogs and tips.

Volunteering and Non-Profit Career Opportunities
A resource for volunteer opportunities in various work settings.

Nationwide volunteer opportunities posted by local nonprofit and public sector organizations. Search thousands of one-time and ongoing volunteer opportunities by zip code, category, and date. Includes opportunities for virtual volunteer work.

Volunteering has value, USA Career Services
Topical blog posting by Sheryl Silver on USA Career Services.

Map Out Your Career Plan: Decision Making, Goal Setting, and Action Planning

Once you have compiled sufficient information about yourself and your career options, you will need to make some decisions about new opportunities and choices that come your way. Hone your decision making skills, evaluate the most advantageous path, and identify the steps to reach your goals. Use these resources to assist:

Career Decision Making Un. of Waterloo

Planning For the Future: Setting Goals Guide

Set Career Goals, iSeek careers

A career action plan helps guide you from choosing an occupation to becoming employed in that occupation and reaching your long-term career goals. Use these resources to help you create a workable plan.

 What is a Career Action Plan? Dawn Rosenberg McKay, Guide

Writing a Career Action Plan - Why You Need One, Dawn Rosenberg McKay, Guide

Developing a Strategic Vision for Your Career Plan,

Mapping Your Future, Develop a Career Plan,

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