R (Realistic) Type Degree Programs

The links below connect to programs and majors related to the R Holland type. When you find a degree program that matches your interests, visit that School's Web pages for more information about the programs.

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Technology Programs in the School of Business and Technology 

  • Electrical Engineering Technology: Electronics
  • Electrical Engineering Technology: Nanotechnology
  • Electrical Engineering Technology: Power Systems
  • Information Technology: General Option
  • Information Technology: Cybersecurity Technology
  • Information Technology: Network Management
  • Nuclear Engineering Technology
  • Computer Technologies
  • Electromechanical Technologies
  • Electronic/Instrumentation Technologies
  • Nuclear Technologies
  • Power Plant Technologies
  • Professional Studies Technology Management: Electrical, Information, Nuclear, or Renewable Energy Technology
  • AS Degree in Technology (with specialization)
  • AS Degree in Nuclear Technology
  • AAS in Technical Studies

School of Liberal Arts 

  • Natural Sciences: Biology

School of Nursing 

  • ASN
  • AASN


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