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Graduate Awards

A variety of graduate awards are presented during the annual Awards Convocation to recognize outstanding achievement. While some awards are school-specific, others are open to eligible graduates throughout the College. Many of the awards require that you meet one or more criteria to be considered, and awardees are drawn from a pool of eligible individuals. Others allow you to nominate yourself.

More information about the 2012 award recipients is available in the Excelsior College Awards Convocation program.

2012 Convocation video

2012 Awards Convocation



All Graduates

Student Support Award

Award Recipient: Matthew Vito (nominated by Lisa Marie Joyce)

This self-nominated award is presented to a person (or persons) whose assistance and encouragement played a significant role in a graduate’s quest to earn an Excelsior College degree. 

Charles W. Laffin Jr. Memorial Award

Award Recipient: Shawn C. Manning

In recognition of Charles W. Laffin Jr., whose vision and leadership gave momentum to a fledgling community college movement and left a legacy of opportunity to millions of adult learners, and in gratitude