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GE meets its mission by investing in tomorrow's leaders, a practice rooted in the earliest days of the company and reflecting a philosophy that all rise together. For more than 100 years, GE has actively supported education, focusing on areas of greatest impact which can improve outcomes for students across the globe. Whether in a K-12 setting, through scholarship programs that help promising college students, or educational leadership programs for employees within its own company, GE is—and has always been—committed to lifelong learning.

In the past 10 years, GE has invested more than $225 million into quality educational programs targeting students in primary and secondary schools, with an additional $27.5 million supporting scholarships for promising graduates continuing their academic careers. Its employees volunteer, mentor, and contribute thousands of hours annually to share their expertise, engaging the leaders of tomorrow throughout the many communities it serves.

With this foundation, GE is proud of the unique corporate partnership with Excelsior College which has provided  employees access to quality education that creates learning experiences that are global, local, personal, digital, and—above all—transformational. Nearly 60 GE employees have enrolled in coursework to advance their degrees and their careers through Excelsior College, with several graduates successfully advancing their lives and careers.

Promoting a culture that inspires, prods and propels people to be the absolute best they can be, GE believes in individual excellence and collective progress. A belief in the potential of one, and the power of many. A belief that passion can become purpose, and that purpose is the catalyst of progress.

GE believes in the power of education, at every stage of life.

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