Excelsior Effects: Credit Transfer Snapshots

Get an idea of how many credits our students transfer in and are awarded for in these Excelsior Effects snapshots. You'll see that we help a diverse array of people make the most of their knowledge, training, and experience to finish a degree at Excelsior. How can we help you?

Show What You Know

Your knowledge is worth a lot more than you think. Whether you have previous college coursework you want to use toward your degree, or have other unique work and life experiences that are relevant to your education, Excelsior can help you make the most of your expertise.

Credit for Past College Coursework

Many students come to Excelsior with some college coursework under their belts. That experience is valuable. You can receive transfer credit for previous accredited college coursework, helping you move more quickly toward completing your degree. Nancy Soon received 90 transfer credits toward her BS in Liberal Arts degree.

Meet: Lisa Henkel | Tom Chase | Kenneth Desforges | Tina Aown | Erick Dillard | Gary Nolan

Meet triple-degree Excelsior graduate Tony Lee


Excelsior Effect Nancy Soon

Excelsior Effect Paul Tapia


Make the Most of Military Training

Whether you have served one tour of duty or are a career military servicemember, your contribution to the armed forces constitutes special training and expertise. Many Excelsior students bring their unique military experiences to enhance their education and advance their careers. Paul Tapia was awarded credits toward his BS in Liberal Arts degree from his military training.

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More About Earning Credit for Military Training
See how other Excelsior students successfully used their military experience to earn transfer credit.

Meet: Utaw Vines | Eunice Evans | Gary Nolan | Erick Dillard

Credit for Professional IT Certifications

Information technology professionals often take courses or exams to earn professional certifications in particular technologies or platforms. Tom Chase earned a bachelor's degree and an MBA, and was able to apply his professional IT certifications toward his degrees.


Excelsior Effect Tom Chase

Excelsior Effect Sienna Aubrey Dela Serna


Receive Credit for Nursing Licensure

You've worked hard to obtain professional standing in your career. You can use professional experience, such as licensure, to advance your education. Sienna Aubrey Dela Serna earned 30 credits for her RN license, helping her toward her Bachelor of Science in Nursing.

Prove Your Proficiency

Many Excelsior students show what they know through proficiency exams. Erick Dillard earned credit toward his degree by taking a variety of exams, including College Level Examination Program (CLEP) exams.

Meet: Eunice Evans | Patricia Richesin


Excelsior Effect Erick Dillard

Excelsior Effect Mary Ann Dorner


In Partnership with Community Colleges

Your community college courses can be a springboard toward a bachelor's degree. Articulation agreements with Excelsior College allow you to maximize the use of earned community college credits toward your educational goal. Mary Ann Dorner earned more than half her transfer credits from her community college, transferred the remainder from other college coursework and needed only one credit to receive her degree from Excelsior!

More about Community College Partnerships
Meet other students who used their experience and coursework at a community college to get started at Excelsior.

Meet: Mary Beth Bobik-Kadylak | Adrienne Mason

Earn Credit for Portfolio Assessment

Your life experience can count toward your degree, including volunteer or community service, independent study, or unique life learning. Patricia Richesin successfully completed her bachelor's degree and is now pursuing her MBA at Excelsior College, partly by earning transfer credit through portfolio assessment.


Excelsior Effect Patricia Richesin

New Pathways, New Opportunities

Excelsior graduates embark on exciting new careers, move into leadership positions, and even land their dream jobs. These Excelsior Effects snapshots highlight graduates who advanced in their professions, thanks to their accomplishments at Excelsior.

New Paths to Career Advancement

Maryanne Lee


Stephanie Muraca


Mariefel C. Paqueo