Excelsior Students Talk

"When you go back to school, you find out what inspires you. My classmates brought so much to my learning experience, and my professors were extremely available, knowledgeable, and enthusiastic. Though the courses are online, you become part of a community created through conversation and develop meaningful relationships."

Maryanne Lee

"The best part of Excelsior was that, even though it's distance learning, I got to connect with a very diverse group of people—like students in the military and students living in different parts of the country. Hearing so many different points of view really widened my perspective."

Deborah Massey

"In many ways, online courses provide students with more opportunities to be heard. My advice to others is: jump in and stick to it. It’s very satisfying."

Elizabeth Forth
BS on Business, Risk Management and Insurance

"Excelsior was a tremendous help throughout the whole process. The instructors were a great, always available. Whatever concerns you have, just let them know; they are more than happy to help you. I recommend Excelsior College because of the way they cater to your needs. It's a smooth process, a nice change from what I was used to elsewhere. By far, Excelsior exceeded all expectations that I had."

Walter Brown
AAS Technical Studies
Currently enrolled in BS Information Technology 

"I researched five or six schools and chose Excelsior because they were the most responsive and helpful. Excelsior worked with me so I could continue school while I was deployed - taking online courses, CLEP, and Dantes exams - without missing a beat."

Lisha Lewis
AAS Admin/Management Studies

"Excelsior College provides a great platform for self-enrichment and educational achievement. The staff provides superb services and my advisor was a great help with my business curriculum."

Tony Lee
AS & BS in Business

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