Note Taking Skills

How Can I Learn Effectively by Taking Notes?

Your notes should reflect the objectives or main points outlined in your study guide or syllabus. Try to follow these guidelines:

  • Use your study guide or syllabus to write questions, and then attempt to answer the questions with your notes. Don’t try to write down everything. Stick to your list of questions.
  • Use your own words as you write. However, include key vocabulary associated with the subject.
  • Arrange information in a logical order. Try keeping your notes in outline form. Your question may be the main heading with subheadings and text as potential answers to the question. Another format is to write your questions on the left-hand page of your notebook and organize potential answers into outline form on the right-hand page.
  • Learn the answers by reciting and writing the answers. Rework your answers so that they are clear and make sense to you.
  • Review and test yourself on the questions and answers you developed.