Self-Readiness Test Score

Grade Ranges and Rationale:

Online classes require an individual to be computer literate and have the ability to navigate around the computer and the software installed. Your main means of communication is written, so by having these skills you will be able to communicate your thoughts in the required format for submitting papers. Therefore, the better you are with the technology you are using, the more successful you will be with the learning environment.

The Internet is an important part of the online learning environment, as you will need to use it not only to get to your classroom, but to do much of the research required for your learning as well. In addition, many online schools use the virtual library, allowing students to access articles and information from various databases, periodicals, and professional journals.

Finally, you need to be able to budget your time so that you are meeting the required deadlines for your classes. Most of the work is done independently, so if you are very self-disciplined, you will be better prepared to succeed in this environment.

  • If your score range is within 70%-100%...
    • Online learning is a good option for you. You possess the technological competence and self-discipline that is essential to being successful in this learning environment.
  • If your score range is within 46%-69%...
    • While navigating the Internet or managing your time may not be your strongest points, it is still possible for you to succeed in online courses. If you have trouble working with computers, it may be to your benefit to spend some extra time familiarizing yourself with the different programs you will need to use throughout your studies. Plan out detailed schedules for your schoolwork and make sure you stick to them. Finding others who have studied or are currently studying online and asking them for tips or support can help you stay on track. Excelsior College offers a Study Buddy Finder message board service to help you locate others in your situation.
  • If your score range is 45% or below...
    • Talk to an advisor before making the decision to take online courses. If you are unfamiliar with computers in general, or have serious difficulty managing your schedule, you will want to spend time prior to beginning your classes getting help with these things. It is very important to be able to navigate the Internet, send emails with attachments, post on message boards, and use programs such as Microsoft Word confidently in order to be a successful online learner. As well you should be able to do some basic troubleshooting and know where to find help if you have problems with your computer. Look for tutorials to aid you in computer skills. For time management and study problems, locating others in your situation can help you out a great deal. Excelsior College offers a Study Buddy Finder message board service to assist you in contacting people for support.