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Working with Immigrant Parents

Role of Schools/Teachers

  • Understanding/Realizing the Diversity of English Language Learners
  • Learning About Your Students’ Backgrounds
  • Creating a Welcoming Classroom
  • Empowering Families at Home
  • Reaching Out to Parents of ELLs

District/School Contact with Parents

  • Back-to-School night
  • Parent-Teacher-Translator Conferences
  • Parent workshops
  • Newsletters
  • Brochures of important school information
  • Multicultural events (potluck suppers, Culture Fairs, etc.)
  • Parent Classes
  • E-mail/Letters

Strategies for Greater Involvement of Parents/Families

  • Give a tour of the school and available services to families when registering new ELL students
  • Identify community contacts that speak the languages of the families
  • Schedule activities to accommodate parents’ needs (i.e. evening and daytime events)
  • Arrange for childcare, transportation, translation support
  • Add the personal touch to show you really value them (i.e. home visits, phone calls, contact in person)
  • Provide an opportunity for parents to network amongst themselves and encourage each other to get involved
  • Include extended family members in activities
  • Encourage families to share their knowledge and expertise in the classroom
  • Provide specific examples when expressing expectations so parents can get a clear picture of what you are looking for
  • Identify what workshops parents are interested in or can use (how to help at home, parents' role with homework, study skills, language development, etc. Also provide information and contacts for adult ESL programs, public transportation, community programs, libraries, etc.)
  • Find ways to solicit parent feedback and suggestions

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