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The Excelsior College Career Center is the place to find information, resources, programs and services that ensure lifelong career development and learning. Here are some good resources for Veterans:

Military Transition Resources & Tools

EC JobLinks

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The Center for Professional Development offers over 50 VA approved programs to help you get started in a new career or advance in your current position. 

The Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA) determines the type of benefits you may be eligible for - if you would like more information on the benefits you may be entitled to, please contact the VA at 888-442-4551, ext. 10.  Please note that you may only register for one program at a time and Excelsior College must be listed as your parent school. 

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The Excelsior College Online Writing Lab (OWL) helps students learn to write at the college level. You'll have access to writing tutorials, informational guides, an FAQ section, and an online workshop to help you improve your writing.  After enrollment, you can also use the OWL to sign up for free writing tutoring.

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The The Excelsior College Library is your 24/7 solution to research and scholarship. Our online library is available to all Excelsior College enrolled students, faculty and staff, from anywhere in the world. The Library is a collaborative partnership between Excelsior College and the Sheridan Libraries of the Johns Hopkins University.

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The Excelsior College Disability services is committed to the principle that every individual should have an equal opportunity to enroll in an Excelsior College degree program, to register for courses or examinations in order to demonstrate their knowledge and skills under appropriate conditions, and to complete a degree.

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The Excelsior College staff works dilligently consolidating resources  which encompass a wide range of services, support, and information. If you come across a broken link or know of a new Web sites of value to others in the military community, please email the Veterans Center.

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