The goal of the Journal of Business & Technology is to provide an invaluable reference that spans a broad spectrum of topics in business and technology. The journal serves as a key reference source for professionals in academia, business, industry, and government, as well as graduate and undergraduate students in different academic disciplines. It is a major source of basic and advanced information to guide students, researchers, practitioners, policy makers, and the general public

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Volume 5, Issue 1

Harassment and Bullying: Two Wrongs that Do Not Make a Right: A Case Study with a Brief Analysis

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The Humanistic Leadership Model (HLM)

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Cardiometric Correlates of Using Coaching Associative Cards When Working with Human Ego States

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Technology as a Catalyst to Facilitate Connections in the Online Classroom

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  • Dr. Michele Paludi, Excelsior University
  • Dr. Shambhu Shastry

Journal Administrator

  • Zachary Pickens

Editorial Board

  • Dr. Dena Bateh, Excelsior University
  • Dr. Joseph Bocchi, Excelsior University
  • Dr. Scott Dolan, Excelsior University
  • Mark Howe, Excelsior University
  • Andrew Hurd, State University of New York, Albany
  • Dr. Patrick Jones, Excelsior University
  • Dr. Cory Kanth, Excelsior University
  • Dr. Garry McDaniel, Franklin University
  • Kevin Moore, Excelsior University
  • Dr. Catherine Neset, Excelsior University
  • Dr. Malcolm Oliver, Excelsior University
  • Dr. Sumantra Sengupta, Excelsior University
  • Dr. Herbert Sherman, Excelsior University
  • Dr. Lifang Shih, Excelsior University
  • Dr. Anwar Sohail, Pennsylvania State University
  • Dr. Janice Spangenburg, Excelsior University
  • Dr. Gary Stroud, Excelsior University
  • William Trevor, Albany College of Law
  • Dr. Jan Tucker, Excelsior University
  • Dr. Stuart Varden, Pace University
  • Dr. Robert Waters, Excelsior University

Reviewer Appreciation

The editors extend their appreciation to the following colleagues who provided reviews of manuscripts:

  • Dr. Catherine Neset
  • Dr. Sohail Anwar
  • Dr. Garry McDaniel
  • Dr. Cory Kanth
  • Dr. Gary Stroud

Excelsior University’s peer-reviewed Journal of Business & Technology publishes current and timely high-impact papers of broad interest, including empirical reports, meta-analyses, and scholarly reviews covering all aspects of business and technology, practice, education, and policy, including:

  • Reports of quantitative and qualitative research
  • Literature reviews that advance research and teaching in business and technology
  • Meta-analyses of research in business and technology
  • Practitioner-focused reviews
  • Case studies and best practices in the business and technology fields and education
  • Book reviews

The Journal of Business & Technology welcomes submissions. Refer to the Manuscript Submission section for details on types of submissions and editorial requirements.

Submit manuscripts by October 1 via email to Michele Paludi.

Manuscript Submission

Cover Letter

Please include the following in your cover letter:

  1. Manuscript title
  2. Manuscript type (e.g., case study, teaching, empirical research)
  3. Statement that the manuscript has been reviewed and approved by all contributors
  4. Statement that the manuscript has not been published or currently submitted to another journal
  5. If the manuscript contains data that are part of a larger study, a description of the larger study and references for other articles and presentations
  6. Approval by the relevant Institutional Review Board for all research involving human participants (Consent by the Institutional Review Board must be described in the article.)
  7. Conferences at which the research discussed in the manuscript was presented must be identified in the authors’ notes
  8. Contact information for the authors

Manuscript Guidelines

Manuscripts must be written at a level allowing for a broad audience, from undergraduate and graduate students to professionals in academia, business, industry, and government. Each manuscript must be prepared in Microsoft Word (.doc or .docx) and be 10 to 25 double-spaced pages. Manuscripts must be submitted with necessary graphics, in-line citations, and a list of references cited written in accordance with the APA 6th edition style.

The first page of the paper should be the title page, including the paper title, abstract, and five selected keywords or phrases. A 150- to 250- word abstract should state the purpose, results, and conclusion of the work. The manuscript should begin on the second page.

Masked Review Policy

According to the Journal of Business & Technology’s policy, the identities of authors and reviewers are masked. Manuscripts are circulated to members of the Editorial Board without their title pages to mask the identity of the authors. Please provide the authors’ names and affiliations in the cover letter. This information must not appear anywhere else on the manuscript. Footnotes that identify the authors must be placed on a separate page.

All submissions undergo a double-masked, peer-review process, (i.e., the identity of the authors is not disclosed to the reviewers and vice versa). There will be two reviewers assigned for each submission, and from the submission of a manuscript to the notification of review result takes about two months. The decision letter will include the reviewers’ suggestions and comments; their recommendations to accept, revise, and resubmit; or reject the submission, as well as the final decision from the co-editors. Each manuscript might undergo multiple review rounds.

Manuscripts that do not conform to the submission guidelines will be returned without review.


The Journal of Business & Technology requires authors to sign a transfer form to Excelsior University of full ownership of the copyright and all the rights included therein.

When signing the form, authors warrant that they are the sole authors and sole proprietors of all rights in and to the aforementioned work; that the work is original and not in the public domain; that it has not been previously published; that it does not violate or infringe on any copyright or any other personal or property rights of others, whether common law or statutory; that it contains nothing libelous, obscene, or otherwise contrary to law; that all statements asserted in the work as facts are true or based on reasonable research for accuracy; that if authors are using material owned by their employer, company, or organization, they have notified them; and that the authors have full power to enter into this agreement.

The publisher hereby grants authors the following:

  1. The right, without charge, to photocopy or to transmit online or to download, print, and distribute to a colleague a copy of the published article in whole or in part, on the colleague’s specific request. Systematic redistribution and posting to a listserv or on the internet are specifically forbidden.
  2. The right to republish, without charge, in any format, all or part of the material from the published article in a book written or edited by the author (s).
  3. The right to include the article in a compilation for classroom use (course packs) to be distributed to students at the author’s institution free of charge in print or electronic format (subject to reasonable access controls), the right to post it electronically on employer’s secure internal network, and the right to make oral presentations based on the article.
  4. The right to use brief excerpts (up to 250 words) and illustrations for any purpose whatsoever.

Any reuse of the article requires proper attribution to the periodical. Authors remain free to use any ideas or data contained in the article for any purpose.