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Nursing Admiss Reqs: ADN Program

Associate in Nursing Application Requirements

Important information regarding the Associate Degree in Nursing Program

  • A student's possession of an LPN, Paramedic, or Military Corpsman credential does not guarantee success in Excelsior's Associate Degree in nursing program.
  • All applicants to the School of Nursing are expected to review the School of Nursing Catalog prior to enrolling in a degree program. 
  • Students enrolled in Excelsior's Associate Degree in nursing program will be assigned to a primary academic advisor but may also work with different members of the academic advisement team during their enrollment.
  • Students will be responsible for paying an annual fee for each year they continue in the Associate Degree in nursing program.
  • A student's success or failure in completing program requirements (including theory and other examinations) will affect his or her progress through the Associate Degree in nursing program.
  • The wait time to test at each CPNE® site varies depending on application volume at each site.
  • Students are responsible for the CPNE application fee, and travel and lodging costs for each administration of the CPNE.
  • Students who fail the CPNE will be required to retake all portions of a subsequent examination and are responsible for all fees associated with retaking the CPNE.
  • During the CPNE, Excelsior will seek to provide each student with a pediatric patient; however, an adult patient may be substituted if no pediatric patient is available.
  • Pass rates for the CPNE and National Council Licensure Examination-RN (NCLEX-RN®) are updated and available on the Excelsior College web site.
  • Because each institution of higher education maintains its own credit transfer policy, credits earned in Excelsior's Associate Degree in nursing program may or may not be transferable to other institutions.

Eligibility Qualifications

You're eligible to apply for admission to the associate programs in nursing if you:

  • Hold a practical/vocational nurse, paramedic license, or are in a certain classification of active duty military, National Guard, or Reserves within a specific military occupation that is equivalent to scope of practice to LPN/LVN or paramedic. Learn more.
  • Are employed in a setting that requires direct patient care, under the supervision of someone with a health care credential who evaluates your clinical practice.
  • Completed 200 or more hours of employment in this setting within the calendar year prior to the date you submit your Verification of Health Care Experience.

TEAS admission requirement block with link to detail page

Test of Essential Academic Skills (TEAS) Requirement

Before you apply, you must complete the Test of Essential Academic Skills (TEAS) and have achieved the minimum TEAS scores outlined below. Your TEAS score report from ATI must be completed within one year prior to the date of your application.  Review the TEAS requirement details.

Nursing Admiss Reqs: ADN Part 2 Requirements

Health Care Experience Verification

When you apply, you need to submit a completed Verification of Health Care Experience Form (VHCE). This form requires a signature from your supervisor (the person with a health care credential who evaluates your clinical practice).

You can submit this form with your online application or you can scan and send it by email to or by fax to 518-464-8833. You must submit it within 3 months after the date your supervisor signs it, and a new form will be required before entering phase three of the program.

Copy of Health Care License

In addition, you'll need to submit a copy of your current health care license or certification to verify your professional status in an appropriate health care profession.


You are required to read the form Important Information Regarding the Associate Degree in Nursing Program and acknowledge your understanding by downloading, signing, dating, and returning it as part of your application.

  • Review the information, including visiting the links provided in the form
  • Sign and date the form
  • Email it to or fax it to 518-464-8833


If you reside in a state with additional nursing licensure requirements, you also must submit a signed Pre-Admission State Board form.

Check if your state falls into this category below. If it does, complete the form for your state to acknowledge you understand the additional requirements for where you currently reside and/or where you plan to apply for RN licensure. Then scan and send it by email to or by fax to 518-464-8833. Learn more

Residents of Washington State

We are not accepting applicants to the associate, bachelor's, or RN to MS nursing degree programs who reside in the state of Washington.

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