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Melissa Evans
Melissa Evans earned a PhD in Industrial Organizational Psychology from Capella University, Master of Science in Industrial Organizational Psychology from Carlos Albizu University, and a bachelor's in psychology at The University of Memphis. Evans has published her dissertation on the employees’ perspective of organizational layoffs and has presented on various topics ranging from the historical significance of Freud to the correlation of work-stress and sleep. Besides the academic realm, Evans has worked as an organizational psychologist, director of human resources, and testing coordinator. In her spare time, she enjoys yoga, camping, global travel, and spending time with her family.
african american dad talking to son instead of putting him in time out

Whether you are a new parent, a seasoned caregiver, or can remember your own experience, we are all familiar with “time out.” New research indicates time out may not be the most effective approach for all children. In case you are unsure of what time out is, it is the social and/or environmental separation of …