Excelsior College Is a Best Online College for Busy Moms

Busy moms who want to earn their college degrees require a college that understands their needs. The best online colleges for working moms offer features and benefits that strongly support them in their quest to achieve their academic goals.

Finding such a school is a priority for working moms, stay-at-home moms, and moms who want to go back to school to complete their degrees. Finding the right college is now easier with the emergence of online degree programs.

Excelsior College specializes in providing high-quality online degree programs. The school’s programs support adult learners, many of them busy moms. Popular programs such as an Associate in Science in Health Sciences and a Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences allow students an opportunity to be both an involved mom and a successful college student.

Reasons for Busy Moms to Earn a Degree

Earning a college degree can boost a working mom’s career to the next level, improve their quality of life, and make them more attractive job candidates. College remains one of the best investments both working moms and stay-at-home moms can make in themselves.

According to the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, the average college graduate with a bachelor’s degree earns about $78,000, compared to $45,000 for the average worker with a high school diploma. This is known as the “college wage premium” and it has increased from about $20,000 in 1980.

The bank noted that “the benefits still outweigh the costs” when it comes to college degrees. And the college wage premium may increase. The most recent data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, updated in June 2021, shows that those with a bachelor’s degree earned a weekly average of $1,305, almost double the $781 earned by those with a high school diploma.

How Online Courses Benefit Working Moms

Online degree programs provide busy moms with the flexibility to schedule time for school around their parenting and work responsibilities. Online programs also allow moms to skip the burden of driving to campus to attend class. All that is required to attend class is access to an internet connection.

Flexibility is especially important for military students, such as active-duty servicemembers and their spouses. Because they tend to move regularly, online programs are often the only way to earn a degree. Excelsior College offers specialized support for military students.

Success Tips for Moms Who Enroll in Online Programs

Successful online students tend to follow most of the following tips as they organize their lives to pursue a degree. For busy moms, they can provide helpful guideposts.

Get family support. Tell the partner, kids, friends, and family the plan to earn a degree and enlist their support. This gives them a chance to support their family member who is a student and alerts them to give the student the space needed to do coursework consistently.

Enroll with a friend. Some moms find they do better in school if they enter the program with a partner to offer mutual support.

Create a dedicated space. Before starting classes, create a space at home meant only for doing schoolwork. That provides a signal to the family— and the mom— that time spent there should be dedicated to schoolwork only.

Practice time management. Most busy moms already have strong time management skills. These skills prove useful when balancing school, work, and parenting.

Don’t take on too much. While earning a degree is an important goal, moms should not attempt doing it as fast as possible. That can lead to the burden of an impossible workload. It’s better to create a plan to earn a degree that calls for a reasonable workload, allowing moms to keep their lives manageable.

How Excelsior College Works with Busy Moms

Excelsior College offers programs and benefits that help busy moms enroll, find the right courses, and get the resources they need for success in school.

For example, in many areas of study, Excelsior College offers students the opportunity to earn an associate degree first and then earn a bachelor’s degree. This includes the health sciences and liberal arts degrees.

For those who have earned some college credit or have military training, Excelsior College offers a generous transfer policy that gives adult learners the credit they deserve for past achievements. The college also has many resources, including an online library, writing and reading labs, and a Career Readiness Center.

The best online colleges for busy moms offer these services so that working women and stay-at-home moms can improve their lives by earning a degree. It will provide them with better job opportunities, more career fulfillment, and set a great example for their children.