Breaking Down Different Career Paths Within the Cannabis Industry

Jobs in the Cannabis Industry

The cannabis industry has many different options when it comes to choosing your career path, allowing you ample opportunities to get into the industry from just about any angle. To help you figure out which path you’d like to take, we’ve broken down some common jobs you will find, and what those positions entail.

Risk Management for Cannabis

Risk management is the practice of identifying and evaluating potential risks and strategizing how to reduce them as well as to control them should they happen. Since cannabis is federally illegal, operating in the cannabis industry poses many potential risks. Businesses of all types— from dispensaries and grow operations to ancillary companies—face risks, and they do not have access to the same risk management tools that other industries do, such as bankruptcy law protection or credit cards. An individual in this position is responsible for mitigating risks that are considered a liability to the company, such as faulty security measures, defective product packaging, expired licenses, and more. As a result, a position in risk management in the cannabis industry is a firm choice, as it is one of the most important departments a cannabis business can have.

Cannabis Compliance

Compliance professionals ensure their businesses are following all ethical and legal requirements, and they stay up to date on regulations and laws in an effort to minimize the risk of violating them and potentially losing licenses. Compliance risks can include violating regulations related to cannabis-growing, product packaging, and security requirements, as well as making false claims and failing to disclose required information. As regulations and laws are constantly changing for cannabis, and are different for every state, keeping up with them and ensuring the company adheres to their nuances is extremely important in keeping cannabis businesses from being shut down. Just like risk management, this is a vital role in any business, and being a compliance manager will make you an invaluable asset.

Marketing for Cannabis

If the legal side doesn’t spark your interest, then perhaps a more creative role such as marketing will. As a saturated and crowded market, cannabis companies are looking for new and different ways to break through the noise and get their product or services noticed. This can include email marketing, blogging, social media marketing, search engine optimization, advertising, market research, and more. This is an area in which you can expect to work closely with compliance, ensuring all content aligns with current laws and regulations so the company isn’t at risk of getting into legal trouble.

Cannabis Accountant

A staple in any business, accountants can help keep track of payroll, manage taxes, budgets, and more. This remains the same for accountants in the cannabis industry, but just like any of the careers mentioned above, accountants in the cannabis industry also have the added weight of making sure things remain compliant. Records must be clear, concise, and in accordance with state and local regulations to prevent the company from incurring fines or being shut down, and to keep investors happy.

Lab Testing Cannabis

Working as a chemist or lab technician is a great career path if you’re looking to work hands-on with the plant. CBD companies and dispensaries regularly test their hemp and cannabis plants for a variety of things, such as terpene profiles, cannabinoid profiles, heavy metals, and more. Testing the plants ensures product quality and provides transparency for consumers, an important value for any cannabis company. If you enjoy science and want to work directly with the plant, then this is a great career path to take.

These are just a few of the career paths when it comes to opportunities in the cannabis industry. Our Graduate Certificate in Cannabis Control program provides the proper education to prepare you for any of these career paths.