Conversations on Higher Ed: Episode 9 with David Schejbal

Schejbal, D (Guest) with Lee Maxey (Host). (2021, April 26). Conversations on Higher Ed: Episode 9 with David Schejbal. Mindmaxing podcast.

For Excelsior College President David Schejbal, Ph.D., the COVID-19 pandemic reminded him just how important the academic experience is and helped him reflect on how it has changed over the years. “I think in many ways, higher education in this country has lost its way over the past couple of decades,” Schejbal said, “because we’ve gone from talking about the social value and the benefit of higher education and how we help improve people’s lives and how we help support the country broadly…And we’ve reduced a lot of higher education to just a conversation about job training. And in my view, that just isn’t what it’s about.” Listen to episode nine of MindMaxing to hear how David believes colleges and universities can truly focus on students’ needs as they look ahead to the future.