Excelsior College Launches Graduate Certificate in Cannabis Control

Albany, N.Y. – Excelsior College is excited to announce the launch of its Graduate Certificate in Cannabis Control. The three-course, 9-credit certificate will support professionals currently working or aspiring to work in the relatively new and rapidly expanding legal cannabis industry.

Some economic forecasts predict that legal cannabis will be a $73 billion industry by 2025, and recent analyses show employment opportunities expanding in concert with industry growth. Leveraging a fully online delivery model, the program will provide high-quality, academically rigorous courses to support adult learners from diverse academic, geographic, and cultural backgrounds.

James N. Baldwin, president of Excelsior College, shared, “This new certificate program shows our commitment to supporting individuals seeking employment in emerging industries and will provide the needed tools for employees to stay current while working in this field. The demands and realities of an increasingly globalized economy have reshaped the higher education landscape, and Excelsior College is responding with opportunities like this graduate certificate. We see this certificate as a component of a larger ecosystem that enables learners to pursue degree programs, non-credit professional development opportunities, and micro credentials at any time to meet their personal and professional goals.”

Admission to Excelsior’s cannabis control certificate program requires students to have completed their bachelor’s degree. This graduate-level certificate program takes an interdisciplinary approach and can be taken alone for college credit and career advancement or applied toward four of Excelsior College’s master’s degree programs.

The three courses in the certificate program include:

  • Implications of Legalization of Cannabis: Policy and Compliance
  • Interstate/International Commerce: Policy and Regulatory Environment
  • Risk Assessment in Cannabis Control

The certificate program will enhance students’ understanding and interpretation of a complex regulatory environment that has significant variation across jurisdictions—federal, state, and municipal.

Scott Dolan, dean of School of Graduate Studies at Excelsior College, stated, “The Graduate Certificate in Cannabis Control will help students navigate the sector’s complex regulatory environment. By aligning the program with our master’s degrees in business, public administration, health sciences, and criminal justice, we are looking to foster dialogue across disciplines that often approach the regulatory environment from different perspectives. Skills learned in the courses will prepare students to analyze, interpret, and advocate for sound policies and regulations that work to the benefit of all stakeholders in the legal cannabis industry. The curriculum will also put students in the context of the industry—utilizing realistic case studies—to ensure students graduate from the program career-ready.”

Students enrolled in the certificate program will gain political acumen, expand their professional networks, and receive formal training in a dynamic field.

Provost John Caron stated, “As more states move toward the legalization of cannabis and cannabis-related products, organizations in a variety of sectors—both public and private—will require a deeper understanding of the newly emerging regulatory environment. Cannabis is projected to hit a job-creation rate of 110 percent in just three years from 2017 to 2020. By 2021, the cannabis industry is expected to create 414,000 jobs in the U.S.” To view the salaries in various communities, visit https://info.vangst.com/hubfs/2019SalaryGuide.pdf.

For more information about Excelsior College, visit https://www.excelsior.edu/program/graduate-certificate-in-cannabis-control/ 

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