Excelsior College and OnlineDegree.com Partner to Improve College Access for Busy Working Adults

Albany, N.Y. – Building upon decades of providing diverse and alternative pathways to degree completion for busy adults, Excelsior College has partnered with OnlineDegree.com to help more students take the first critical step toward higher education at a substantial cost savings. The partnership allows prospective students to take general education courses offered by OnlineDegree.com for free, and the credit earned may apply toward a degree at Excelsior. This would lower the overall cost of higher education while enhancing accessibility for those who need it most.

OnlineDegree.com is a free non-collegiate learning platform that prepares anyone for higher education. Students can take online self-paced courses on a variety of subjects, including business, criminal justice, psychology, biology, and others. OnlineDegree.com works with accredited universities across the United States where transfer credit can be awarded for successful completion of the courses. Higher education is often unfortunately perceived as cost prohibitive and inflexible for many working adults. This option provides students with the ability to receive free college credit toward their degree and on their own schedule.

“We’re committed to removing all of the hurdles that prevent adults from going back to college,” says Grant Aldrich, founder of OnlineDegree.com. “By working together with Excelsior, a leading institution serving adult students, we’re helping more busy people reach their dream of an affordable college education.”

Excelsior College is a regionally accredited, not-for-profit, online learning institution founded in 1971 focused on providing educational opportunity to adult learners. The College initially achieved its mission to provide adult learners with a flexible and affordable pathway to a credential through the assessment of learning and the aggregation of credit earned from inside and outside the classroom.

With the partnership, prospective students can earn up to 15 college-level courses—the equivalent of 44 semester credit hours—tuition-free through OnlineDegree.com and complete the remainder of their degree requirements with Excelsior College.

“We are excited to partner with OnlineDegree.com and to provide pathways to individuals who started college and did not have a chance to complete it. We hope this partnership makes it more accessible by removing financial obstacles to many students who desire to pursue their education,” stated James N. Baldwin, JD, EdD, president of Excelsior College.

For more information, please visit https://www.excelsior.edu/ondegree

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Excelsior College (excelsior.edu) is a regionally accredited, not-for-profit online college focused on helping adults complete their degrees and advance their careers. The college contributes to the development of a diverse, educated, and career-ready society by valuing lifelong learning with an emphasis on serving individuals historically underrepresented in higher education. Founded in 1971, Excelsior meets students where they are — academically and geographically — removing obstacles to the educational goals of adults pursuing continuing education and degree completion. Our pillars include innovation, flexibility, academic excellence, and integrity. Learn more at excelsior.edu.

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On a mission to make higher education more affordable and accessible for everyone, OnlineDegree.com is a team of startup veterans and leading academics who believe everyone should have the ability to go to college. Through its free platform, students can test drive different courses and subjects on their own schedule, be better prepared for college-level coursework, and could receive college credits toward their degree at participating universities throughout the United States. Working adults have access to exclusive discounts and scholarships, as well as a bridge to start their path back to school https://www.onlinedegree.com/about-us/.