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Credit for Criminal Justice Training

You may receive credit for criminal justice training assessment (CJTA) that Excelsior College has conducted for various government and nonprofit organizations nationwide.

These agency-specific evaluations provide law enforcement and corrections officers with a meaningful evaluation of their learning and college credit that can be applied to certain degree programs.

How to Get Credit for Your Training

To see if credit recommendations are in place for criminal justice training that you’ve completed, look for your agency’s site visit report in the CJTA directory.

To confirm that credit assessment for your training program is still valid, contact our admissions office at

Apply Your Credits to a Degree Program

You can make the most of your credit recommendations by matching them to a program in your desired field of public service.

Transfer Your Credits to Another School

You may also transfer your credit recommendations to another college or university by having them entered into a OneTranscript® document. Note that every institution accepts credit at their own discretion.

To check that your school will accept credits from your OneTranscript record, send your registrar a letter from your training agency confirming your accomplishments, and a copy of your agency's CJTA site visit report.

Provide your agency with this example of a training confirmation letter.

Information for Training Providers

Organizations eligible to submit courses or programs for review include government agencies, training associations and institutes, and not-for-profit organizations that provide criminal justice training.

For more information, email