Excelsior College 3+1 Program

If you have community college credits, your bachelor’s degree is closer than you think with Excelsior’s 3+1 Bachelor’s Completion Program.

This unique pathway helps you save on the cost of earning your bachelor’s by allowing you to transfer up to 90 credits from your community college to Excelsior College and receive a tuition discount on your bachelor’s. The 3+1 Bachelor’s Completion Program includes more than 30 degree programs in business, health sciences, liberal Arts, nursing,  public service, and technology.

How It Works In 4 Easy Steps

  1. Earn an associate degree at any community college (usually around 60 credits).
  2. Speak with an Excelsior admissions counselor to determine credit and program requirements for the bachelor’s degree of your choice.
  3. Start on bachelor’s degree courses by taking up to 30 credits at your community college—at your community college’s tuition rates.
  4. Transfer into an Excelsior bachelor’s degree program and earn your remaining 30 upper-level credits via online courses or through independent study.

Transfer Guide

Excelsior offers transfer guides and the opportunity to work with an admissions counselor during your final year at community college to develop a course plan that makes the best use of your time and credit. These transfer guides ensure you take only the courses needed, which in turn means even greater cost savings and a stress-free transfer into the Excelsior College bachelor’s degree program of your choice.

Learn More

Excelsior’s 3+1 Bachelor’s Completion Program is available to all community college students. Students at partner colleges may also be eligible for special partnership pricing. If you have additional credits from training, certifications, or other schools, you may also be able to transfer those toward your bachelor’s. Learn more and find out if your school is an Excelsior partner.