Accelerate Your Career with MS in Management Degree

Business graduates face a competitive market where every job opening typically attracts hundreds of applicants. The situation motivates many undergraduates to continue with their studies and earn a Master of Science in Management.

An MS in Management prepares students to lead teams, departments, and entire organizations successfully. Graduates enter the workforce with advanced management skills, including developing employees, overseeing projects, handling financial accounting, managing organizational change, and exhibiting strong communication skills.

Honing these skills makes MS in Management graduates attractive candidates for leadership positions and helps them stand out from the job applicant crowd. That’s one reason The Economist reports MS in Management programs are increasingly popular with business students. Women, in particular, are enrolling in these programs.

What Can You Do with a Master’s Degree in Management?

Earning an MS in Management usually happens earlier in a professional’s career than earning an MBA. Most people enroll in MBA programs after gaining experience in their field. Most MS in Management students enroll shortly after finishing an undergraduate program.

Enrolling in an online business degree program provides an opportunity for students to put their managerial knowledge into practice and gain experience on the job. After graduation, students are ready to take on a host of top-level jobs in diverse business areas.

Jobs available to graduates include the following listed below. The salary figures come from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) as of May 2020.

C-Suite. A master’s degree in management prepares candidates for success in CEO, CFO, CISO, and other C-suite positions. ($107,680)

Director of Digital Marketing. Digital marketing is critical to success in the modern world of marketing. Those with a combination of business talent and digital marketing skills are perfectly suited for leadership in this important area. ($141,490)

Financial Manager. Financial managers work at the center of every operation, from small and medium-sized businesses to giant corporations. ($134,180)

Human Resource Manager. This is another position that has become increasingly important for business success as HR managers work closely with department heads and executives to attract the talent a company needs. Many employers now require HR managers to earn a master’s degree. ($121,220)

Management Analyst. Often working as consultants, management analysts develop methods of making an operation more efficient and profitable. ($87,660)

What You Learn in an MS in Management Program

Earning an advanced management degree helps students sharpen the unique, complex blend of skills essential for success in business leadership. These skills include learning strategies for managing teams, using project management tools and techniques, developing business problem solutions, and using strategic analysis to continuously improve a program.

At Excelsior College, students can choose a concentration in the MS in Management program: General Business Management, Human Resource Management, or Organizational Leadership.

No GMAT is required to apply for the program. Students can transfer up to 15 credits earned at other accredited institutions. Core courses in the program cover ethical leadership, strategic talent management, business communication, global business environments, and organizational behavior.

Earning an MS in Management provides students with a proven pathway to working in management and playing an important role in developing business strategy. If you’re ready to earn your master’s degree online, Excelsior is a choice that can immediately bolster your career outlook.