Accessibility Services

Excelsior University is committed to the principle that every individual will have an equal opportunity to participate in a degree program, holistically aligning their academic, personal, and professional aspirations toward gaining knowledge, experiences, connections, skills, and competencies under appropriate conditions to complete a degree and reach goals. We provide reasonable accommodations for individuals with disabilities recognized under the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (ADA). The provision of aids and modifications allows access to all students with disabilities.

Accommodations 2-Step Request Process:

Students are required to self-disclose by submitting an accommodation request and verified documentation of their disability from a licensed medical provider. This must indicate at a minimum, current limitation(s), prognosis/diagnosis, and recommendation(s).

Apply for accommodations at least 3 weeks (15 business days) prior to the course term. While Accessibility Services will review and attempt to fulfill late requests, the delay may result in accommodations not being available at the start of the term. Accommodations are never retroactive. When requests need more information to be granted, specific reasons will be clearly articulated in writing to the student.

Submissions create a private and confidential record for review in our office. Students are notified of the status and provided details of the approved accommodations. If there are any concerns, or disagreement with what has been approved, contact us to discuss appropriate next steps available in the process.

Accessibility Services Contact Information

Phone: 1.844.427.4356