Articles by Kelly Robinson

Kelly Robinson has nearly 40 years of nuclear experience through the military and commercial nuclear programs with nearly 25 of those years involved in training and workforce development. He is a certified EQ coach and EQI-2.0 assessment facilitator and has facilitated EQ training in the commercial nuclear industry and in Croatia as well as conducting Leadership 360 assessments. A lifelong learner, he has a BSAST in Nuclear Engineering Technology, an MBA, a graduate certificate in the Human Side of Enterprise, and is currently writing his dissertation for a Ph.D. in Leadership.
human brain broken up in quadrents

High cognitive intelligence (one’s IQ) is important in today’s technological workforce. The nuclear industry is one field where leaders must possess high IQs to understand the technology and interpret information to make risk-informed decisions. Is high IQ sufficient to achieve optimum leadership results? In today’s nuclear environment, a leader must perform in a relational environment …