Articles by Dr. Michael Johnson

Dr. Michael Johnson is the Associate Dean for Technology for the School of Undergraduate Studies at Excelsior College in Albany, New York, where he provides academic leadership for all graduate and undergraduate technology degree programs. Before joining Excelsior College in 2014, Dr. Johnson held leadership positions in the operations and maintenance departments at the Department of Energy Nuclear Facility in Idaho and the commercial nuclear industry. Dr. Johnson received a bachelor of science in nuclear engineering technology from Excelsior College, bachelor of science in sociology from the University of the State of New York, a master of science in management from Florida institute of Technology, and a doctorate in management from the University of Phoenix. Dr. Johnson is a retired naval officer from the Navy Nuclear Propulsion Program.
flying drones

Have you ever watched drone races on ESPN? Or imagined yourself flying drones through an obstacle course? High-speed, racing drones are equipped with the latest collision avoidance systems that can detect obstacles and intelligently navigate around them. But this dexterity in the air doesn’t just make for good sport. Amazon, law enforcement agencies, realtors, and …

Michael Johnson American Nuclear Society

  The National Science Foundation (NSF) has awarded Excelsior College $864,000 in grant funding to ensure workforce readiness in the manufacturing industry.  Tina Vasquez, Marketing Manager at Excelsior College, caught up with associate dean in the School of Undergraduate Studies, Dr. Michael Johnson, and asked what this grant means for the College, our students, and …