Articles by Raymond Brogan

Dr. Ray Brogan is an adjunct professor for Excelsior College and an alumni. Brogan continues a research career that has involved projects in program evaluation and statistical analysis for government agencies and educational organizations. Many of these projects involved applying the principles of child development and educational psychology. In addition to research projects, Brogan has written many articles for Cengage publications, particularly for their digital encyclopedias. He has been involved in evaluating educational programs overseas. Thus far, this interest has taken him to Taiwan, Pakistan, Thailand, and Egypt. Brogan earned a doctorate in Educational Psychology from the University at Albany. His dissertation focused on how classroom teachers interpret test results and presented suggestions for teachers to better integrate results from classroom test with those from standardized tests. Brogan’s interests include good books and classic movies. His hobbies are fishing, chess, and guitar. He is a volunteer with Hero Initiative, a charity serving retired comic book artists and writers.
psychology of personality tests

Personality tests are used for research and job placement but more often for personal entertainment. The good news is that the evidence-based personality tests are highly accurate when used in an appropriate manner. The bad news is that many personality tests the average person encounters are often used in ways that are not only inappropriate …

asian father and two sons playing at a table

Diana Baumrind, a clinical and developmental psychologist known for her research on parenting styles, began studying parenting styles nearly accidentally. She was originally interested in the various influences related to self-reliant children.  Baumrind’s conjecture was that if we can identify the influences on self-reliant children, we can encourage them in the environment of grade-school children, …