New Initiative at Excelsior College Will Help Stopout Students Complete Their Degree

Partnership with ReUp Education combines coaching, technology to help students return to college

Embargoed until March 4, 2020.

Albany, NY —  Excelsior College recently launched a program designed to help stopout students—those who have some college experience but no degree—return to school and graduate. Through a partnership with social impact startup ReUp Education, the initiative provides personalized support for stopout students through a combination of predictive analytics and hands-on coaching and mentorship.

James N. Baldwin, president of Excelsior College, stated, “Excelsior College is a regionally accredited, not-for-profit distance learning institution founded in 1971. We have a long history of helping students from all backgrounds not just complete their degree but also chart pathways to success after graduation. This collaboration is the next step in our ongoing effort to help adult learners realize higher education’s promise of social and economic mobility and prosperity.”

According to recent research from the National Student Clearinghouse, more than 36 million Americans have some college experience but have not completed their degree. This trend has significant implications for students’ financial well-being over time: a college degree translates to an average of $1 million additional earnings over a lifetime, and college graduates are half as likely to be unemployed when compared to those with only a high school degree.

Excelsior College’s new initiative was specifically developed to provide support for students who have some college, many of whom are over the age of 25 and balancing work and family commitments outside of their studies. Proprietary technology developed by ReUp Education will enable a team of coaches to conduct direct outreach to students and support them through the re-enrollment process, as well as provide guidance throughout their college experience as they pursue their degree.

“It’s increasingly clear that non-traditional students are now the majority of higher education’s student population,” said Sarah Horn, cofounder and CEO of ReUp Education. “This is about bringing together technology and mentorship to help colleges re-engage with these learners in ways that reflect—and respond to—their unique needs and challenges.”

ReUp Education helps colleges and universities engage and re-enroll stopout students through a unique blend of predictive analytics technology, data, and personalized coaching. Once students have returned to school, ReUp provides ongoing support to foster personal accountability, encouragement, and guidance to equip students with the tools to persist and succeed. This approach provides a continuous support mechanism for every returning student, including first-generation and underrepresented students, who are disproportionately more likely to not have access to an effective support system for navigating college.


ReUp Education Media Contact: Ben Watsky,

 Excelsior College Media Contact: Alicia Jacobs,   518-464-8531

 About ReUp Education

ReUp Education is the expert in understanding, engaging, and re-enrolling stopout students. Through its unique blend of data, technology, and specialized coaching, ReUp has engaged more than 150,000 stopout students across a wide range of universities and helped re-enroll over 8,700 students. ReUp is based in San Francisco, and is funded by leading education and social impact investors, including Entangled Ventures, University Ventures, Serious Change Investments, and The Impact Engine.


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