Envision Your Future

I recently had a meeting with a student that was centered around envisioning her future (specifically with passing a big exam).  She told me with great enthusiasm that she takes a little time out of her day to envision herself walking out of the building hands straight up in the air because she just passed her exam.  She told me that she is crying because she is DONE with her degree!  I could not help but relate my student’s vision to the movie Rocky when Rocky Balboa runs up the stairs, his arm straight up in the air in triumph once he gets to the top.

I challenge you to envision your future like my student has done.  Get super detailed with what it will look like.

What will you do when you pass your exam or course? 

What will you do when you get your diploma? 

How do you envision yourself after that victory?  Will you pump your arms up in the air?  Will you scream at the top of your lungs “I DID IT!”?  Will you wave to your family in the crowd at commencement?  By envisioning your future it makes whatever you are trying to accomplish real and something to look forward to!  Cue the Rocky Balboa theme song…