Excelsior College Welcomes Our Cannabis Industrial Advisory Committee of Leading Industry Professionals

Albany, N.Y. — Excelsior College welcomes leading industry professionals to our inaugural Cannabis Industrial Advisory Committee (CBC-IAC) within the School of Graduate Studies. Thirteen members met recently, representing various states from the East Coast to the West Coast, and from as far away as Hawaii.

In September, Excelsior College launched the first course in the Graduate Certificate in Cannabis Control program. The program includes three 3-credit courses to support career success in a relatively new but rapidly expanding legal cannabis industry. The CBC-IAC members provide perspectives from business operators, regulators, and the industry along with market expertise related to the program curriculum. The Committee’s input is vital to creating thought leaders in the legal cannabis industry and its regulatory environment.

The members of 2020 Cannabis Industrial Advisory Committee (CBC-IAC) will serve a one-year term, with opportunity for renewals. Members include:


  • Tessa Adams (CA), Head of Marketing, MOXIE
  • Solonje Burnett (NY), Founder, Humble Bloom
  • Paul Coble (AZ), Founder & CEO, Thalo
  • Robert Hunt (CA), Founder & Managing Member, Linnaea Holdings
  • Tahir Johnson (MD) Membership Manager & DEI Manager, National Cannabis Industry Association (NCIA)
  • Kris Krane (IL), President, 4Front Ventures
  • Marion McNabb (NC), President, Cannabis Center of Excellence
  • Amanda Ostrowitz (IL), Senior Vice President & Founder of CannaRegs
  • Ashley Picillo (CO), Founder, Point 7 Group
  • Amanda Reiman (CA), VP of Community Development, Flow Kana
  • Kathryn Reiter (CA), Compliance Manager, Natura Life + Science
  • Dylan Shropshire (HI), Founder & COO, Big Island Grown
  • Danniel Swatosh (NY) Founder, Humble Bloom


“We are extremely honored to be working with a prestigious group of well-respected leaders and experts who approach the sector from various perspectives,” stated Scott V. Dolan, dean of the School of Graduate Studies at Excelsior College. “The guidance and input from this committee is key to the goal of ensuring our program remains current and relevant to the needs of the market. Additionally, we are excited to work with this group to expand opportunities for our students to connect with industry beyond the classroom—through internships, course projects, networking events, webinars on topical issues in the regulatory space, and more.”

Some economic forecasts predict that legal cannabis will be a $73 billion industry by 2025, and recent analyses show employment opportunities expanding in concert with industry growth.  Leveraging a fully online delivery model, the Excelsior College Cannabis Control Program will provide high-quality, academically rigorous courses to support adult learners from diverse academic, geographic, and cultural backgrounds.

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