Your Federal Government Training Could Be Worth College Credit

If you work for the U.S. federal government, you should be proud to be a part of one of the country’s most highly skilled workforces. Your rigorous agency training courses have prepared you with the knowledge in technology, management, and communications needed to serve our communities, and you deserve credit for being part of the foundation that keeps our nation running.

Now you can apply that training toward college credit as well! There’s no better way to accelerate your career and add more value to your organization than by advancing your education. Going back to school to earn your bachelor’s or master’s degree is a big decision. But with statistics showing boosts in personal growth, professional credibility, and above all, salary, it’s one that could be well worth it. Programs such as cybersecurity, business, and public service are in especially high demand, and an advanced degree can dramatically improve your earning potential and your career options.

As a federal employee, you have a head start. The valuable experience and skills you’ve acquired during training at the Defense Cyber Investigations Training Academy (DCITA), Defense Institute of Security Assistance Management (DISA), Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Academy, Federal Aviation Administration Center for Management and Executive Leadership (FCMD), the Office of Personnel Management (OPM), or during your Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Training can provide you with the advantage you need to earn your degree in less time.

Excelsior College is proud to be an official education partner of the federal government as one of 15 schools that are part of the Federal Academic Alliance to provide online, continuing education to federal employees. We recognize federal training courses often align with the learning outcomes of college-level courses, which is why we allow you to apply that training directly toward your degree. Federal employees are able to transfer up to 113 credits toward a bachelor’s degree. We accept college-level credits from other accredited institutions, credit for military and professional training, credit earned through examinations, and other types of real-world experience.

For many students, Excelsior’s generous credit acceptance policy and the ability to finish their degree while saving both time and money has been an invaluable investment in their future. “Excelsior accepted all my previous college credits and allowed me to take CLEP exams and competency exams…Because I was able to complete my bachelor’s degree at Excelsior, not only was I able to retain my commission and was competitive for promotion, it allowed me to get two master’s degrees, a doctorate, and retire from the Army as a colonel…all of that ultimately led to me pursuing a career with the federal government,” said Kelly Garrett, a 1991 graduate and Department of Homeland Security employee.

Government employees and their spouses or domestic partners are eligible for additional benefits at Excelsior College, including up to a 20% tuition discount and a $50 savings with a one-time waived application fee. Excelsior also offers added resources and benefits for active-duty military and veterans through the Center for Military and Veteran Education.

There’s no better time to give yourself some credit for what you already know and no matter what your educational goals are, there’s a path to help you get there. Whether you’re interested in completing your associate, bachelor’s, or master’s degree, you’ll receive personalized advising and support from dedicated academic advisors and faculty, and an engaged online community of adult learners just like you. Learn more about Excelsior’s online degree programs and find out how you can take advantage of your federal government training and start on the path to your degree today.

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