Finding Free Uninterrupted Study Time

yoda studyAs you gear up for the Spring II term, ask yourself “Do I have free uninterrupted study time built into my weekly schedule?”  As Success Coaches in the Student Success Center, a common trend we are finding with students is that they have good intentions of studying, however they wake up each day not knowing when that study time is going to be.  That unknown makes finding study time blurry.  We completely understand why identifying study time can be difficult.  As students you have other responsibilities going on in life besides studying.  We want you to try a small activity with us.  It has worked for the students we have met with, and as students ourselves going through the Masters of Science in Management program at Excelsior College.

For one week straight write down the times that you are free and uninterrupted in your schedule.  Also identify your energy levels during these times.  Are your energy levels high, medium, or low?  You may have free uninterrupted time from 9:00 to 10:00 pm at night, however keeping your eyes open to read a chapter may be a struggle.  Thus, it may be best to avoid this time to study.  At the end of the week analyze the times that worked best for you, and what did not work.  The times you identified not to work may be great for relaxing and reenergizing.  Yes, WE ARE TELLING YOU TO TAKE A BREAK!  You may be surprised with all the free time you have at the end of this activity.  Please feel free to let us know how this works!

Your Success Coaches,

Hannah & Savannah