Job Outlook: Is a Social Sciences Degree Worth It?

A degree in social sciences can prepare you for a career in any field. Social sciences play an integral role in today’s world, both personally and professionally. Social science graduates are innovative thinkers, have a holistic mentality, and understand what makes people and society act the way they do. If you are looking for something that will increase your chances of job flexibility and creativity, your ability to climb the ladder at your current job, or you are a career changer, a degree in social sciences may be for you.

Benefits of a Social Sciences Degree

There are many benefits to a social sciences degree. Check out a few below:

Specialize in a subject, or two.

Social sciences include many subjects ranging from humanities, politics and international relations, human connections, and more. This degree allows you to focus on areas that interest you and customize your learning experience.

Gain a highly valuable and transferable skillset.

The skills you learn while studying social sciences will help you to function and excel in any workplace. A main part of social sciences is understanding human behavior with organizations and how people form their identities and create entities to relate to one another. This is invaluable in any career path.

Obtain knowledge that will influence society.

A degree in social sciences can prepare you for challenges and problems in the future, as well as give you the confidence and knowledge to solve real-world problems.

Learning Outcomes of a Social Sciences Degree

Depending on what you focus on within the social sciences program, there are many different topics and skills you will learn; however, any degree in social sciences will prepare you for the following learning outcomes:

– You will become an expert critical thinker.
– You will gain an appreciation for cultural differences.
– You will obtain a real-world understanding of issues.
– You will value economic and political education, as well as respect history and the decisions made in various situations.

While these learning outcomes may be generalized, they can help you succeed in any job. The main benefit is understanding why people act the way they do, and how they interact with others. These skills are necessary for jobs in many career fields, such as human services, criminal justice, social services, and more.

Social Science Job Opportunities

According to the American Community Survey, these are the most-often reported jobs for people who majored in social sciences:

– Counselors and social workers
– Elementary and secondary level schoolteachers
– Human resources workers
– Operations, marketing, and sales managers

While these are just a few career paths you can take with a degree in social sciences, you can see they vary across many different industries. So, if you are asking yourself, “Is a degree in social sciences worth it?” the short answer is, yes. Chat with an admissions counselor today to learn more about earning your degree.