Excelsior College Partners with the International Association for Administrative Professionals (IAAP) to Provide Training & Career-Building Opportunities

Albany, N.Y. — Excelsior College, an online college focused on helping adults complete their degrees, announced a new partnership with the International Association for Administrative Professionals (IAAP). IAAP is dedicated to helping office and administrative professionals advance their careers in a demanding and ever-changing business environment. Through this partnership, administrative professionals will gain knowledge, skills, and insights from Excelsior College’s undergraduate business courses. Some are drawn to the AAS Administrative/Management Studies and BS in Business programs, while others have interest in an MBA.

IAAP logoA formal education can help individuals in administrative support roles. As technology continues to change with work, keeping attuned to software and efficiency systems can help both individuals and an organization optimize performance and improve efficiency. A business education can help lead to career opportunities and job security.

Through this partnership, IAAP members can bring in up to 17 credits for their Certified Administrative Professional (CAP) credential and apply the credit toward a degree program. The amount of awarded credit was determined through a review conducted by Excelsior College’s evaluation unit.

Excelsior College’s chief marketing and business development officer, Dawn Gerrain, stated, “In the workplace, administrative professionals are an extension of the leadership team as a facilitator, advisor, and a partner. Their diligent work, behind the scenes as unsung heroes, is vital to the operational success of leaders. Excelsior College is excited to help individuals to advance their career, as the role of an administrative professional is ever-changing. Professional development in communications, technology, project management, digital technology, and people management are required skills of tomorrow.”

Rachel Reynolds Suman, IAAP Rachel Reynolds Suman, certification and programs director at IAAP, said, “IAAP is committed to elevating the administrative profession through certification, community-building, and leadership development. We are thrilled to have found a partner in Excelsior College that will result in three primary benefits. First, Certified Administrative Professional (CAP) designees who are returning to school are eligible to receive 17 college credits. Second, graduating administrators entering the workforce have access to a community of like-minded peers and potential mentors. Finally, new administrators who obtain the prestigious CAP designation will further distinguish themselves from the rapidly evolving workforce of administrative professionals. These career-building opportunities will provide value for both administrative professionals and the organizations they support. We are truly grateful for institutions like Excelsior College that work alongside us for the benefit of this vitally important profession.”


For more information on this partnership, visit https://www.excelsior.edu/partner/international-association-of-administrative-professionals/.

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International Association of Administrative Professionals (IAAP) is a non-profit professional association serving the administrative profession. IAAP is dedicated to helping office and administrative professionals advance their career in a demanding and ever-changing business environment. They are focused on preparing admins and stakeholders for what matters now and what’s ahead, enhancing the value that admins bring to the table and advocating for the profession as it evolves to encompass the role of business partner and leader. IAAP provides admins with the knowledge, skills, and insights that build toward job advancement, success, and recognition. They also provide a community of individuals who have shared goals, responsibilities, challenges, opportunities, and strengths.