Steven Lucas, BS in History, 2002

Steven Lucas shares that he, “never thought I would ever earn a college degree. Excelsior University [then Excelsior College] provided me the opportunity to earn my bachelor’s degree while serving as an active duty Marine in 2002. This degree not only served as a stepping stone to lifelong learning, but [also] to professional opportunities of which I never would have dreamed possible.”

Lucas retired from the military in 2003 and began teaching as a second career, while pursuing a Master of Education. In his career in education, he has also served as a vice principal, principal, and currently as a district superintendent.

Lucas shared that he wrote this alumni note with the hope someone who is considering Excelsior University will be inspired take the leap into post-secondary or graduate education. “The non-traditional route of earning my degree was the perfect option and has served me well. I thank the professional staff at Excelsior University for getting me started on this path and all they do to make earning a degree a possibility for many like me.”