Favorite Study Tip

Going to college online can be hard. You may find that you have difficulty staying organized or disciplined enough to get your work done in the time you have to complete it. We asked students and alumni for their favorite study tip to help you stay focused and motivated.

“Write as many notes as you can then read and understand your subject every day, and create mnemonics you will remember. Make them really crazy so you will remember them!” —Ann Scorza

“Find what works for you—flashcards, reading, even coloring.” —Heather Butterfield

“Don’t procrastinate!” —Gina Cronrath

“I do 3–5 minutes of core pump workouts through my study sessions—helps me stay alert and healthy.” —Samuel Colby

“Find your quiet place away from others. You will find it hard to concentrate and absorb the knowledge with the dog barking, phones ringing, children running around, television blaring, etc.” —Billy Whitley

“Start early! Read all instructions. Don’t procrastinate—something else will happen. (Murphy’s Law will apply, as will the first corollary—Murphy was an optimist!)” —Bill Hefley

“Unless you’re using your phone to do coursework, keep it out of reach and out of sight.” —Colleen O’Reilly