Visual Reminders!

I don’t know about you, but I can’t remember anything unless I WRITE IT DOWN! Every morning I write down what I would like to accomplish today, essentially my “to-do lists”. From taking a deep breath, remembering to pay a bill, and reading a couple pages out of a book that is taking longer than I would like, I write it down as a reminder.

As a student success coach, talking with students, I tend to ask them “what will remind you to achieve your goal”? One of the main responses that has come up is, “I just do it”. I love Nike trust me, but I can bet even Mark Parker, the CEO of Nike, has someone to remind him of things. So I challenge you…..YES YOU… take the time, just to write it down, whether it is a post it or a scrap piece of paper, anything that you want to get accomplished or reflect on.

Post below your visual reminders that have helped you!

p.s. take a peek at an array of my reminders at my workspace.