Webinar: Insider Threat – User Behavior Analytics


One April 25, the National Cybersecurity Institute (NCI) at Excelsior College hosted a webinar on “Insider Threat: User Behavior Analytics”.

As insider threats become more sophisticated, organizations must employ security capabilities that can quickly assess, identify, and analyze user behavior.  User Behavior Analytics (UBA) helps enterprises detect insider threats, targeted attacks and financial fraud.  UBA gives responsible folk visibility into user behavior, allowing them to devise efficient ways to detect malicious or negligent users, and to fix the problem.  The goal of this webinar was to help those involved in protecting data to understand UBA enough to converse about it intelligently.See webinar in full screen

The webinar provided a brief look at the insider threat problem from the beginning down to modern times and also discussed how User Behavior Analytics can efficiently and effectively address Insider Threats.

The webinar was presented by Derek Smith. Derek is currently IT Program Manager at the IRS. Formerly, he worked for a number of IT companies including Computer Sciences Corporation and Booz Allen Hamilton. Derek spent 18 years as a special agent for various government agencies and the military. He has also taught business and IT courses at several universities for over 20 years. Derek has also recently published his third book entitled Conversational User Behavior Analytics. He has served in the US Navy, Air Force and Army for a total of 24 years. He completed an MBA, MS in IT Information Assurance, Masters in IT Project Management, and a B.S in Education.