What Can I Do With a Master in Public Administration?

Are you the type of person who likes to help others? Would you like to put that desire to work in a career? If you enjoy working with people and contributing to the public good, an MPA may be right for you. People with an MPA who work in public administration enjoy working with others and appreciate working in teams.

Public administration is a community-focused field in which people try to achieve positive change. This can be in government, nonprofit organizations, transportation, education, housing, law enforcement, disaster response, and many other areas.

You might be wondering with such a variety of areas to enter, what exactly can you do with an MPA? The truth is the tricky part is narrowing down what you would like to specialize in. Let’s take a look at some of the careers you could enter.

Careers to Consider with an MPA

People with an MPA work in a range of public administration careers, from urban planner to budget analyst. Jobs are available in the government or private sector

Local Government Jobs

There are several career paths you can follow at the local government level if you have an MPA, and these can include:

  • City director
  • Urban planning and development director
  • Local government administrator
  • Community health director
  • Mayor
  • Public housing manager
  • Parks and recreation director
  • Board of directors for education
  • Police commissioner
  • State and Federal Jobs

    Just as the local government needs individuals to carry out programs, so do the state and federal governments. These jobs can include:

  • CIA
  • Working for the president
  • Director of transportation
  • United Nations representative
  • Foreign service officer
  • State agency employee
  • State department of natural resources officer
  • Labor relations specialist
  • Political scientist
  • Private Sector Jobs

    Companies and businesses in the private sector also have jobs for MPA graduates. These jobs can include:

  • CEO or COO of a company
  • Company director
  • President or executive vice president of a company
  • News writer
  • News reporter
  • Data analyst
  • People with a Master in Public Administration can expect to receive anywhere between $35,000–$100,000 per year, depending on what area they go into.

    How to Pursue an MPA

    Before you enter an MPA program, you first need bachelor’s degree. Excelsior College’s Master of Public Administration (MPA) program prepares you for career advancement in all levels of government, or with local and global service organizations. Excelsior’s MPA graduates are ready to become skilled public service leaders who work toward improving their communities.

    This MPA program will help you master both the personal and the business side of public administration with courses and assignments that show you how to harness information technology, respond to ethical issues, foster constructive collaboration, and more. You will also gain practical experience in honing your presentation skills; developing strategic plans and financial reports; and analyzing data to make better decisions. You will leave the program prepared to achieve, with a complete professional portfolio ready to present to prospective or current employers.

    If a career in public administration sounds right for you, contact an Excelsior College admissions counselor today to get started on the next step in your educational career.