Course Number: BUS323


This course explores the nature of ethical business environments within the private and public sector. Today's complex, dynamic global environment requires business professionals who acknowledge, understand, and act appropriately when faced with inherent ethical challenges. This course prepares business professionals for these challenges by exploring ethics theory, personal values, and impacts of organizational culture. This leads to a deeper understanding of how ethical principles relate to the organizations in which people function, and the effects of the organization's ethics on its reputation, functioning, and performance.

Textbooks are generally not required for this course.  However, course materials may update in a given term prior to registration opening.  Students should therefore always review course material requirements and associated costs at our bookstore for the term in which they are registering.

Prerequisite: None

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Section Format Hours Level Term Length
30071837 Online 3.0 Upper August 15 weeks
30071901 Online 3.0 Upper August 8 weeks
30071929 Online 3.0 Upper October 8 weeks
30076016 Online 3.0 Upper January 15 weeks
30076019 Online 3.0 Upper January 8 weeks
30076028 Online 3.0 Upper March 8 weeks
30076604 Online 3.0 Upper May 15 weeks
30076607 Online 3.0 Upper May 8 weeks
30076616 Online 3.0 Upper June 8 weeks
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