Course Number: CCS202


Prior learning assessment (PLA) is the process of earning college credit for learning that was acquired from non-classroom experiences like work, professional training, military careers, volunteering, and personal life. CCS 202 will help students identify areas of learning they may want to have evaluated for college-level equivalency. The course will also guide students through the preparation and compilation of all components required for the evaluation of a portfolio or prior learning through Students will learn critical reflection skills to rethink the value of their learning and its implications for future learning. Adult learning theory, models, and concepts will be discussed and applied to case studies. CCS 202 is facilitated by an instructor who provides guidance for the student in preparing his or her portfolio-based request for credit. Successful completion of CCS 202 will result in a credit recommendation of three lower-level credits.

Prerequisite: Information Literacy and written English requirement

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