Course Number: CJ298


The capstone course is designed to allow learners the opportunity to coalesce what they have learned about criminal justice throughout the program. Learners will analyze various aspects of the criminal justice system and apply their knowledge to discuss, generate and write solutions regarding technical, legal, ethical and demographic issues that may arise in this field.

Textbooks are generally not required for this course.  However, course materials may update in a given term prior to registration opening.  Students should therefore always review course material requirements and associated costs at our bookstore for the term in which they are registering.

Prerequisite: CJ 298 - The capstone course is intended as the last course for students in the criminal justice major. Students must have completed INL, WER and their required criminal justice coursework prior to taking this course. Also, a student must be within 9 credits of degree completion and obtain academic advisor approval to register.

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Section Format Hours Level Term Length
30074681 Online 3.0 Lower October 8 weeks
30081686 Online 3.0 Lower January 8 weeks
30081687 Online 3.0 Lower March 8 weeks
30085753 Online 3.0 Lower May 8 weeks
30085754 Online 3.0 Lower June 8 weeks
30085755 Online 3.0 Lower August 8 weeks
30085756 Online 3.0 Lower October 8 weeks
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