Course Number: COMM125


Did you know that a national survey once found public speaking to be more frightening to the general public than snakes, death, and sharks!? A comedian once quipped, According to most studies, people's number one fear is public speaking. Number two is death. This course assists students with public speaking anxiety as well as speech construction and delivery, which they can use for any professional presentations. In fact, business leaders commonly rank effective communication skills as some of the most sought after skill sets in today s world.  Taking a public speaking course will help you develop critical thinking and listening skills as well as enhance your verbal and nonverbal communicative behaviors. Students taking this course will need access to recording equipment for the purpose of creating podcasts, voiced-over PowerPoint presentations and videotaped speeches.

Textbooks are generally not required for this course.  However, course materials may update in a given term prior to registration opening.  Students should therefore always review course material requirements and associated costs at our bookstore for the term in which they are registering.

Prerequisite: None

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30069632 Online 3.0 Lower May 8 weeks
30069636 Online 3.0 Lower August 8 weeks
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