Accepting Credit Bearing Documentation Provided by the Student

Statement of Policy

The primary method for submitting credit for review toward a program at Excelsior College is an official transcript or official letter of verification sent from an eligible credit source. In some situations, Excelsior College will accept a student copy of a credential (certificates and licenses), a badge or letter of verification for learning experiences evaluated by CEMPLA, CAPITAL, an Excelsior school, or NCCRS in lieu of an official transcript. CEMPLA or the Excelsior school will work in conjunction with the Transcript Analysis Center, the Office of the Registrar, and the evaluated learning experience host to determine the proper official documentation for the learning experience (i.e. transcript, letter of verification, copy of credential, etc.). If the learning experience host cannot provide an official transcript or letter of verification, Excelsior will accept a copy of the student’s credential or badge in cases where the host provides a verification web site. The Transcript Analysis Center will maintain a listing of these acceptable credentials and the verification web sites staff should use to confirm the credentials.