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Bachelors in Liberal Arts (Logistics Operations Management)

Bachelor's in Liberal Arts (Logistics Operations Management)

The Bachelor of Science in Liberal Arts (Logistics Operations Management concentration) is ideal if you’ve already earned some college credit and want to work in fields related to global supply chain management.

Students in any portion of the logistics career set today will require increased skills in culture awareness, global marketplace (space), compliance, data management, teamwork, leadership, ethics, and logistics competencies. Specifically to a School of Liberal Arts student, logistics encompasses warehousing, inventory, customer service, labor, cargo freight agents, and consumer goods movement. Logistics is a fundamental piece of the global supply chain, which includes procurement, manufacturing, warehousing, distribution, retailing, transportation, and technical services.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that job openings in these areas will continue to increase through 2024. Employment opportunities include production planning, inventory management, manufacturing management, global distribution, and logistics management – employment in any organization whose success depends on the global fulfillment of customers’ requirements.

This online program allows you to complete your bachelor’s in business more quickly by letting you transfer more of your prior credits. It’s especially well-suited to military students with career goals related to product acquisition, allocation, and delivery management within government and military agencies.

Earn a liberal arts degree while benefiting from:

  • More transfer credits
  • 8 and 15-week online courses
  • Personal academic advising
  • Fair tuition, interest-free payment plans, and financial aid
  • Post 9/11 GI Bill and VA education benefits

Obtain the Knowledge You Need for Your Logistics Career

The concentration in logistics operations management prepares the student for understanding the complex strategic and analytic process of procuring, inventory control, managing, coordinating, maintaining, transporting, and distributing both goods and services. Emphasis is placed on the practical application of supply chain & project management concepts, risk management, quality control, warehousing, and distribution.

Upon successful completion, graduates of this program will be able to:

  • Solve inventory control, facilities planning, warehousing, and distribution problems
  • Analyze logistics, supply chain, and project management operations
  • Prioritize cost reduction, risk, and maximized profits for logistics operations
  • Integrate multidimensional methods to solve logistics problems
  • Evaluate the design and implementation of supply chain systems

Liberal Arts (Logistics Operations Management) Credit Requirements

BS in Liberal Arts (Logistics Operations Management) Credit Requirements

Minimum of 120 semester hours. Within that total, at least 18 credits from any of the six courses in the logistics operations management concentration.

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Program Outcomes

  • Engage in advanced critical thinking skills including demonstrating the ability to remember information, understand and appropriately apply key concepts, analyze phenomena, evaluate and justify positions, and create coherent arguments in the chosen field of study.
  • Demonstrate advanced written and oral communication skills and express complex ideas with clarity and precision.
  • Identify and characterize your own cultural background and experiences in comparison to those of others and evaluate pathways to equitable solutions that recognize the strengths inherent in a diverse and multicultural understanding of world issues.
  • Apply concepts of ethical conduct in decision-making, ethical conduct in action, social responsibility in decision-making, and social responsibility in action.

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